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How an app can help improve safeguarding

Safeguarding is one of the biggest areas of concern for any nursery or school today.


How an app can help improve safeguarding

Kevin Clayton, Managing Director

Safeguarding is one of the biggest areas of concern for any nursery or school today. And, as parental engagement specialists, it is something that we take into great consideration when building our communication apps. A secure parental communication app can help put in place additional safeguarding measures that limit the access of important information to only those people who have been invited by the school or nursery.

There are times when, without realising it, schools and nurseries may be sharing out information in ways that may be putting children at risk. Whilst developing Parentapps Connect, safeguarding has been a primary concern for us and we believe that many of our new features will be a huge help to schools as they are trying to improve their safeguarding measures.


We have designed Parentapps Connect with a 2-step authentication process for added security when users activate the app. Another useful feature that helps our customers improve their safeguarding is the ability to remove users from the app at any time.

Additionally, most schools and nurseries publish class or group trips on their website calendars where anyone can view them.  This poses potential safeguarding risks by making the times and locations of where children will be available to anyone who has access to the internet. By utilising the calendar in the app you can ensure that only those users who are invited and authorised have access to this information and can limit it to only certain groups to add even more security.


Lastly, by sending secure documents and forms within the app rather than as paper letters, you can ensure that sensitive information about children is not lost or shown to unintended recipients.

Please get in touch if you would like to speak further about how Parentapps Connect can help your school or nursery with safeguarding.

Why Choose Parentapps?

At Parentapps, we work closely with schools and nurseries to help develop apps to improve their communication with parents. We work with hundreds of schools and nurseries across the UK and abroad, providing a cost-effective and simple use communication platform.

Our aim is to deliver highly affordable solutions that make it easy for you to stay in contact. Our apps not only provide an excellent communication tool for current parents but also can be a huge selling point for prospective parents who want an easy way to communicate with their child’s nursery.

If you want a better, more efficient way to communicate and engage with parents, contact the friendly team at Parentapps today to find out more.

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