Help with Pupil Premium

Increase your school's Pupil Premium funding Since the launch of the Universal Infant Free School Meal Policy, schools have struggled to get parents to register for Pupil Premium because there is no longer the same incentive for parents to do so. Whilst the increase...

How Surveys Can Help Improve Parental Engagement

The Surveys feature of Parentapps Connect, provides schools and nurseries with an easy way to find out what is and isn’t working when it comes to parental engagement. And, because you can choose whether to send them to the whole school, particular year groups, or even...

How your school’s app can help with phonics

Now that Spring has begun, it will soon be time to start preparing your pupils for the Phonics Key Stage 1 Screening Check. Many children could benefit from having extra phonics help at home. And, many parents would be more than happy to work with their children in...

How an app can help improve safeguarding

Safeguarding is one of the biggest areas of concern for any nursery or school today.


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Parentapps Connect has a whole host of features that will help your school effectively communicate with parents

Parentapps Connect has a whole host of new features that will help your school effectively communicate with parents


School MIS Integration

Onboard your parents simply and easily via direct integration with your school MIS.

Targeted Messaging

Send targeted messages to individuals, groups, years, classes and even staff.

Send Private & Secure Documents & Forms

As well as targeted messages you can send specific documents or electronic forms securely.

Delivery Reports

View message delivery reports ensuring parents have read the messages you send.

Integrated SMS & Email

Send text messages or emails to those parents who don’t have access to your school app.

Full Audit Trail

Full visibility and control of staff access.

GDPR Compliant

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant meaning your data is fully secure.

Online Payments

Accept payments for anything from after-school clubs to school dinners!

Photo Galleries

Share photos with parents from within the app.

Remote Messaging

Staff can send secure messages when they are away from the school office.

Dedicated Support Team

Free and unlimited access to our dedicated support team.

FREE Messaging

Break free from expensive and restricting text messages and send unlimited messages to parents at no cost.

Term Dates & Events

Parents can easily see all your school term dates & events and sync them to their own calendar.

Newsletters & Letters

Send your newsletters and letters directly to the parents via the app, without printing a single piece of paper.

Consent Forms

Create any form you wish in minutes and allow parents to complete them with ease and submit them back to you.


Create surveys /questionnaires that parents can complete via the app and submit back instantly.

Class Pages

Create a class page to show parents what the children have done throughout the school year.

Update Details

Get the most up to date contact details from your parents using our “Update your contact details” form.

Absence Reporting

Use the app to report any absences.

Parents Booking System

Enable parents to book their time slots for parents evenings, after-school clubs and events.

Website Links

With a direct link to the shool website our apps make it more accessible.

Communicate With Multiple Family Members

Add or remove additional parents and family members.

2 Step Authentication

Highly secure 2 step authentication process when registering an account.

Parentapps Connect has loads of great benefits for schools and nurseries

Parentapps Connect has a whole host of new features that will help your school effectively communicate with parents


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